Red bean stew is a noteworthy ingredient in hot arrangements and it has a high therapeutic esteem. Both the shading and kind of red chillies are removed as Paprika Oleoresins and exchanged everywhere throughout the world. High shading chillies are utilized for extricating common hues. India is the biggest maker and exporter of red bean stew. Red stew has numerous assortments which contrast from one another in sharpness and shading. These assortments are accessible in entire, pounded and powdered/ground shapes.

Bean stew is the dried ready product of the variety Capsicum. Capsicum annuum is a yearly sub – bush, the blossoms of which are borne separately and natural products generally swinging, which give red peppers, cayenne, paprika and chillies and sweet pepper (chime pepper) a gentle structure with substantial swelled organic products.

Capsicum frutescence is a lasting crisp with little estimated cases which are very impactful. It is regularly known as ‘winged animal nippy’ and ‘Tabasco’.

Cold is accounted for to be a local of South America and is broadly circulated in all tropical and sub tropical nations including India. It was first presented in India by Portuguese towards the finish of fifteenth Century. Presently it is developed everywhere throughout the world with the exception of in colder parts.

Product Specifications

Commodity: Red Chilli

Origin: Tamil Nadu, India

Quality Specifications

Indian whole chilli – S17 Teja Length: 6-8 cm (without stem) Pungency/Heat: 75000 to 90000 SHU Color: 50-60 ASTA With/Without Stem: Both types available Skin: Thin Indian whole chilli – Byadgi Length: 10-13 cm (without stem) Pungency/Heat: 9000 to 17000 SHU Color: 100-140 ASTA With/Without Stem: Both types available Skin: Thick Skin: Thin


Crushed Chilli – ASTM 4-20 Pungency/Heat: 30000-40000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 4-20 Crushed Chilli – ASTM 5-20 Pungency/Heat: 30000-40000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 5-20 Crushed Chilli – ASTM 6 Pungency/Heat: 10000-60000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation:ASTM 6


Ground Chilli
Ground Chilli – 140-160 ASTA Pungency/Heat: 10000-20000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 30 Colour: 140-160 ASTA Ground Chilli – 110-130 ASTA Pungency/Heat: 10000-20000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 30 Colour: 110-130 ASTA Ground Chilli – 90-110 ASTA Pungency/Heat: 10000-20000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 30 Colour: 90-110 ASTA Ground Chilli – 70-90 ASTA Pungency/Heat: 30000-40000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 30 Colour: 70-90 ASTA


Ground Chilli – 40-60 ASTA Pungency/Heat: 60000-70000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 30 Colour: 40-60 ASTA Ground Chilli – 20-30 ASTA Pungency/Heat: 15000-25000 SHU Particle Size/Granulation: ASTM 30 Colour: 20-30 ASTA

Packing & Shipment Specifications

Inspection: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement for Weight and Quality.

Packing: Standard in 25 or 50 Kg Jute Bags or as per customer requirements

Mode of Payment: TT, LC

Delivery: Delivered to the loading port of choice within 15 days from the date of receipt of Confirmed Purchase Order & Receipt of Advance.

Applicable Shipment Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF/DDP Inco Terms 2010 as needed by the Customer to their port of choice

Spice Uses & Other Information of Note

Dry cold is widely utilized as zest in curried dishes. It is additionally utilized as an ingredient in curry powder and in seasonings. Winged animal cold is utilized in making hot sauces as pepper sauce and Tabsco sauce.

Paprika, Bydagi cold, Warangal chapatta and comparative high shading less sharp assortments are generally utilized for shading extraction. This shading is very prevalent among food and drink processors for its utilization as a colorant, since this being a ‘characteristic plant shading’.

As a medicine it is utilized as a counter aggravation in Lumbago, Neuralgia, and Rheumatic issue. Capsicum has a tonic and carminative activity. Taken unnecessarily it might cause gastro-enteritis. The compound separated from crisp is utilized in the treatment of particular kind of malignancies. Oleoresin capsicum is utilized in agony analgesics and vaporubs. Got dried out green cold is a decent wellspring of nutrient ‘c’.

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