Fenugreek is utilized for enhancing and in medicines. Fenugreek oil has applications in the corrective business. In cooking, fenugreek is utilized in entire and ground frames. It has a special flavor that gives a particular taste to the foods. Significant makers of fenugreek are India, Nepal, Iran, Bangladesh and Argentina. We bargain in both fenugreek seeds and ground/powdered fenugreek

Fenugreek seed is the ready product of a yearly herb. This vigorous herb has light green leaves, is 30-60 cm tall and produces thin, curved pods, 10-15 cm long, each pod contains 10-20 little hard yellowish darker seeds, which are smooth and elongated, about 3mm long, each furrowed crosswise over one corner, giving them a snared appearance.

Fenugreek is a local of South Eastern Europe and West Asia, presently developed in India, Argentina, Egypt and Mediterranean nations (Southern France, Morocco and Lebanon). In India it is developed broadly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab. It is a virus season crop and is genuinely tolerant to ice and low temperature. It is most appropriate to tracts of moderate to low precipitation and is sown in a wide range of soil however perform better in topsoil and clayey soil with legitimate waste. It can likewise be developed on dark cotton soils.

Product Specifications

Commodity: Fenugreek

Origin: Maharashtra, India

Quality Specifications

Whole Fenugreek Seeds

Particle Size: 4mm-6mm

Shape: Oblong/Rhomboid

Colour: Brownish Yellow

Moisture: 11% max

Total Ash: 9% max

Acid insoluble ash: 1% max

Ground Fenugreek

Particle Size: 30 ASTM

Colour: Yellow

Moisture: 6% max

Total Ash: 4% max

Acid insoluble ash: 0.5% max

Packing & Shipment Specifications

Inspection: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement for Weight and Quality.

Packing: Standard in 25 or 50 Kg Jute Bags with HDPE/PP lining or as per customer requirements

Mode of Payment: TT, LC

Delivery: Delivered to loading port of choice within 15 days from the date of receipt of Confirmed Purchase Order & Receipt of Advance.

Applicable Shipment Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF Inco Terms 2010 as needed by the Customer to their port of choice

Spice Uses & Other Information of Note

Fenugreek is utilized both as a food and food added substance just as in medicines. New delicate units, leaves and shoots are eaten as curried vegetable. As a zest, it flavors food. Powder of dried leaves is additionally utilized for embellishing and enhancing assortment of food. Fenugreek remove is utilized as an enhancing specialist of impersonation maple syrup. It is one of the rule constituent of curry powder.

The seeds are utilized in colic tooting, loose bowels, the runs, dyspepsia, endless hack and expansion of liver and spleen, rickets, gout and diabetes. It is additionally utilized as a carminative, tonic, and Spanish fly. Fenugreek oil is utilized in the production of hair tonics.

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