Cottonseed, seed of the cotton plant, critical monetarily for its oil and different items. Cottonseed oil is utilized in serving of mixed greens and cooking oils and, after hydrogenation, in shortenings and margarine. The cake, or supper, staying after the oil is extricated is utilized in poultry and domesticated animals bolsters. Linters, the short cellulose filaments left on the seed after the staple cotton is expelled by ginning, are utilized to make coarse yarns and numerous cellulose items. The structures, or external seed covers, are utilized in ruminant creature feed as roughage.

The old Chinese and Hindus had unrefined strategies for recuperating cottonseed oil and utilized it as medicine and in lights, yet huge scale business utilization of cottonseed is a moderately present day advancement. In the mid-nineteenth century cottonseed was utilized essentially for planting cotton, and the extra seed was viewed as a contamination and medical issue. In 1833, in any case, the main fruitful cottonseed-oil factory was set up in Natchez, Miss., and the business extended after the American Civil War. Cottonseed is presently utilized either for oil generation, for planting, or as creature feed. The United States has proceeded as the biggest buyer, however cottonseed is likewise created in amount by India, China, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, and Brazil.
Packing & Shipment Specifications
Inspection: SGS (or) any other agency as per your requirement for Weight and Quality
Packing: Standard in 49 Kg or 50 Kg new PP Bags
Quantity: 20 feet Containers
Port of Discharge: Any port as required by Customer
Inco Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF Inco Terms 2010
Mode of Payment: TT, LC
Delivery to port of discharge: 15-25 days from the date of receipt of Confirmed Payment Instrument (L/C documents or Advance payment)

Uses of cottonseed
• Feed products for livestock
• Cottonseed meal
• Cottonseed hulls
• Cottonseed oil
• Fertilizer
• Cosmetics

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