Cinnamon bark is a broadly utilized flavor in the food business. Cinnamon powder is a noteworthy ingredient in preparing and confectionary. It is likewise utilized in corrective and pharmaceutical ventures. Cinnamon bark oil has a few applications in medicine. Sri Lanka is the world’s biggest maker and exporter of cinnamon. We source cinnamon from Sri Lanka, India and Seychelles. The “Genuine Cinnamon” or Sri Lankan Cinnamon is the dried internal stem bark of Cinnamomum Verum. Cinnamon plants are developed as hedges. At the point when the plants are of two years age, they normally measure at around 2 meter in high and 8-12 cm at the base. It is at this stage they are prepared for reaping. Cinnamomum verum is generally developed in Sri Lanka, Malagasy Republic and Seychelles. It has started in the focal slopes of Sri Lanka. In India, it is developed in a couple of areas in Kerala. Cinnamon is a strong plant and is developed in Sri Lanka under shifting conditions going from semi dried to wet zone conditions. The perfect temperature for developing cinnamon is between 20-30 degree C and precipitation between 1250 to 2500 mm. It flourishes well as a woodland tree at 300-350 meter above MsL.

Product Specifications

Commodity: Cinnamon

Origin: Sri Lanka or India

Quality Specifications Packing & Shipment Specifications
Cinnamon Sticks Length: 8-15 cm Diameter: 0.7 – 1.2 cm Thickness: 1.5-3 mm Colour: Light brown Moisture: 12% max   Ground Cinnamon Particle Size: 35 ASTM Colour: Light Brown Moisture: 10% max Total Ash: 7% max Acid insoluble ash: 2% max Inspection: SGS or any other agency as per your requirement for Weight and Quality. Packing: Standard in 25 or 50 Kg Jute Bags or as per customer requirements Minimum Quantity: 5 Tons. Supply Ability: Can meet Customer Requirements Mode of Payment: TT, LC Delivery: Delivered to loading port of choice within 15 days from the date of receipt of Confirmed Purchase Order & Receipt of Advance. Applicable Shipment Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF Inco Terms 2010 as needed by the Customer to their port of choice

Spice Uses & Other Information of Note

The business results of cinnamon are plumes, quillings, featherings, chips, cinnamon bark oil and cinnamon leaf oil. ‘Plumes’ are scratched strip of the inward bark of the develop cinnamon shoots, consolidated with covering tubes, the empty of which has been loaded up with littler bits of cinnamon strips which is dried first in the sun and from that point in the shade. ‘Quillings’ are broken pieces and parts of all evaluations of cinnamon plumes. ‘Featherings’ are plume like bits of inward bark comprising of shavings and little bits of bark left finished. Cinnamon ‘chips’ are harsh unpeelable barks scratched off from the thicker stems. Cinnamon leaf and bark oil are acquired by refining the leaf and bark independently. Cinnamon bark is a well-known flavor with a fragile scent and a warm pleasant taste. It is utilized as little pieces or powder. It is broadly utilized in seasoning confectionary, alcohols, pharmaceuticals and beauty care products. It is found to help diabetics in absorption of sugar. It has astringent; stimulant and carminative properties and can check queasiness and retching. The cinnamon bark oil has hostile to contagious properties and cinnamon leaf oil is broadly utilized in perfumery and beautifying agents

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